Virtual Photography

I have loved taking screenshots in video games ever since the the early to mid era of World of Warcraft. Nowadays I share many shots from games including Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and the Resident Evil series.

Web Development

I love Web Development and is what I’m lucky to do by trade — working with PHP and JavaScript mostly. These tend to be with the Laravel framework and VueJS framework respectively.


I try to write more longer-form articles when I find those things that spark a good interest in me. These tend to be horror-related films and PS4 games. I have also wrote about a bunch of albums that I enjoy too.

Virtual photography

Here are the latest additions to my selected virtual photography shots.

Thoughts on Films

When I feel inspired after a film I have enjoyed, I will try and get my thoughts down in a cohesive manner. This often pushes me to think harder about what I have just seen and even sometimes helps me find things I had previously overlooked.