Digging into laravel is fun. Just made my first little generator tool. Laravel makes everything so bloody easy!

Laravel global query scopes were the answer I needed when working out how to deal with post types in a clean way.

Updated to PHP7 and got white screen where was fine before. It was @laravelphp blade comment block causing. Deleting comment block fixed it. Just mentioned in case anybody else had a similar issue.

Normally, with Laravel (@laravelphp on Twitter), if you create a model and use the “-m” or “–migration” flag to create the accompanying migration, it will pluralize the table.

So for example “User” model will use a “users” table; “Vehicle” model will use a “vehicles” table.

I just discovered however, that if you create a “Data” model, the table will also be created as “data” – not “datas”. It makes complete sense as datas isn’t a word.

I love using this framework.

Rewriting my database structure is proving more work than first thought. Still – I’ve learnt some new Laravel stuff which is always good. So even if it never ends up being used, it’s not been a wasted exercise.